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Building A Boxee Remote Control September 28, 2009 6 Comments

After configuring my Boxee server to distribute video through the coax cabling in my house, I needed a way to control the Boxee server from other rooms. I built a remote control system that uses an ATMega328 microcontroller and a Linksys WRT54G to read IR codes from standard TV remote controls and relay them over [...]

Just How Bad Is DTV? June 1, 2009 3 Comments

Digital television is supposed to revolutionize how we watch free TV; high definition, interactive menus and crystal clear pictures. Or so they say. In reality, DTV is more likely to drive people away from watching local broadcast stations than anything else. In theory, it’s a great technology that has a lot of advantages over its [...]

Building A Boxee TV Station 7 Comments

With the mandated DTV date soon approaching, I got a digital converter box along with an amplified antenna and hooked it all up to my existing analog TV only to discover how terrible DTV really is. Given the soon-to-be obsolescence of my analog TVs and the deplorable state of DTV, I started looking around for [...]